March 2024

PT 502: Servant Leadership in Ministry

Course Overview

During this course a review will be made of the various claims for leadership, thus providing a comparative backdrop for the definition and extensive development of Biblical Slave Leadership. Students will be guided in discovering the essential principles and practices identified with the 121 leadership model articulated by Jesus. An original research project will allow students the opportunity to personally formulate and articulate their own summary of the basis, components, and function of Biblical Slave Leadership as they explore the leadership traits of Jesus. 3 credit hours

  • MacArthur, John, The Book on Leadership, Nelson Books.
  • Kroll, Woodrow, The Vanishing Ministry in the 21st Century, Kregel Publications.
  • Rodin, Scott, The Steward Leader, InterVarsity Press.
  • Anderson, Daniel, Biblical Slave Leadership, Regular Baptist Press.
  • Briner, Bob, The Management Methods of Jesus, Thomas, Nelson, Inc.
  • Swindoll, Charles R., Hand Me Another Brick (1998 edition), Thomas Nelson, Inc.
Textbooks are subject to change. Consult current syllabus.
Meet the Professor

Dr. Daniel Anderson Daniel Anderson, Th.D. — President of Appalachian Bible College since 1983, Dr. Anderson has also served in leadership of two local churches, the Association of Biblical Higher Education, National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, West Virginia Independent Colleges and Universities, The Friends of Israel, and Fellowship of Missions. His book, Biblical Slave Leadership: A Stewardship from Above to Lead from Below, describes a Biblical philosophy of leadership. Dr. Anderson studied at ABC, Faith Baptist Bible College, and Grace Theological Seminary before earning a Th.D. from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Course Dates
  • Course Work: February 5 - April 8, 2024
  • On-Campus Dates: March 4-8, 2024

May 2024

PT 503: Cooperative Biblical Relationships

Course Overview

This course will examine the levels of relationship in which every believer is responsible to Biblically engage. Understanding the differing responsibilities to relate to one another on these levels enables the student to answer the question: “With whom may I Biblically relate?” It also provides a more specific Biblical foundation to answer that more common question: “From whom must I Biblically separate?” A review of each of the six primary levels of relationship will be offered. Students will be asked to examine the levels in light of the responsibilities given in Scripture to practice separation—both personally and ecclesiastically. Students will be asked to develop a strategy for responsible interaction and cooperation on each level. Each student will also be asked to interact with the flaws within Fundamentalism and discuss Biblical solutions.

The class module will be available as a live-online course, for those unable to attend in person. 3 credit hours

To be read before the module:
  • Gregory, Richard. On the Level. IFCA International Press, 2005.
  • Moritz, Fred. Be Ye Holy: The Call to Christian Separation. Bob Jones University Press, 2000.
  • Marsden, George. Understanding Fundamentalism & Evangelicalism. Wm B. Eerdmans, 1987.
Meet the Professor

Rick Gregory Dr. Rick Gregory serves as Senior Pastor at Grace Bible Church of Fair Oaks, California. He is a graduate of Bob Jones University (B.A.), Capital Bible Seminary (M.Div.), and Grace Theological Seminary (D.Min.). Currently, Dr. Gregory serves on the board of directors of both Biblical Ministries Worldwide and Slavic Gospel Association. In 2005, the book he co-authored with his father was published: On the Level: Discovering the Levels of Biblical Relationships Among Believers. This book is a treatment of the varying levels of responsibility that believers have to cooperate with one another for the advancement of God's glory. He has also published exegetical commentaries on Matthew, Romans, 1 & 2 Peter, Jude, and 1 Samuel. In 2013, Dr. Gregory helped to form the Grace Life Bible College in Webuye, Kenya, where he currently serves as Dean of Faculty and Curriculum Director. He also started a theological institute at Grace Bible Church for the men of the church.

Course Dates
  • Course Work: April 15 - June 17, 2024
  • Class Module: May 13-17, 2024

August 2024

BI 504: Genesis 1-11: Foundational Truth

Course Overview

The purpose of this course is to deepen each student’s understanding of and faith in the foundational truths of Genesis 1-11 and to equip them with the Biblical and scientific evidence to teach and defend that literal history in their ministry to the church and in their witness to a lost world that has been largely brainwashed with the ideas of evolution and millions of years and as a result is in deep moral perversion and spiritual darkness.


  1. Creation vs. Evolution: Why It is Vitally Important
  2. The Question of Origins and the Christian Worldview
  3. How to Think Correctly about Origins
  4. Millions of Years: The Idea’s Unscientific Origin and Catastrophic Consequences
  5. Six Days or Millions of Years of Creation?
  6. Big Bang: Exploding the Myth of Evolutionary Cosmology
  7. Noah’s Flood: What the Bible Teaches
  8. Noah’s Flood: Geology Confirms the Bible
  9. Origin of Species: Was Darwin Right?
  10. Ape-men, Adam and the Gospel
  11. Dinosaurs: The Scientific Evidence Confirms the Bible
  12. Intelligent Design Arguments vs. The Intelligent Design Movement
3 credit hours

  • Mortenson, Terry and Thane H. Ury, eds. Coming to Grips with Genesis. Green Forest, AR: Master Books, 2008.
  • Mortenson, Terry, ed. Searching for Adam. Green Forest, AR: Master Books, 2016.
  • The Global Flood: A biblical and scientific look at the catastrophe that changed the earth (Pocket Guide).
  • Should Christians Believe in an Old Earth (Pocket Guide).
  • Osborne, Brian. Quick Answers to Social Issues.
  • Osborne, Brian and Bodie Hodge. Quick Answers to Tough Questions.
  • Snelling, Andrew. “Radioactive & Radiocarbon Dating” video lecture.
  • Mortenson, Terry. “Systematic Theology Texts and the Age of the Earth: A Response to the Views of Erickson, Grudem, and Lewis and Demarest,” Answers Research Journal 2, 2009.
  • Mortenson, Terry. “Theistic Evolution: A Response to Wayne Grudem, Making the Same Errors He Opposes in Others,” Answers Research Journal 14, 2021.
Meet the Professor

Terry Mortenson Dr. Terry Mortenson holds an MDiv and a PhD in the history of geology. He has lectured in 35 countries and formerly served for 26 years with Campus Crusade for Christ in the United States and in Eastern Europe. He now serves as an author, speaker, and researcher with Answers in Genesis.

Course Dates
  • Course Work: July 8 - September 9, 2024
  • Class Module: August 5-9, 2024
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